Music from the castle of crossed destinies (en version)

Octet: Claudio Angeleri, piano, composition – Oreste Castagna, actor – Giulio Visibelli, soprano sax, flute – Paola Milzani, vocale – Marco Esposito, bass – Virginia Sutera, violin – Luca Bongiovanni, drums – Michele Gentilini, guitar

QuartetClaudio Angeleri, piano, composition – Giulio Visibelli, soprano sax, flute – Marco Esposito, bass –  Luca Bongiovanni, drums

Solo: Claudio Angeleri, piano, composition; Oreste Castagna, actor 

The record

The intertwining of music and different artistic languages ​​is one of the characteristics of Claudio Angeleri’s artistic production. Pianist and composer with a long artistic career, he has made twenty records in his own name with the collaboration of numerous Italian musicians such as Gabriele Comeglio, Giampiero Prina, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giulio Visibelli, Marco Esposito and several international guests such as Bob Mintzer, Charlie Mariano, Franco Ambrosetti. His projects have always been based on an original aesthetic research that draws inspiration from literature, visual art and theater. In particular, in 2014 he created a show on Calvino’s Invisible Cities which highlighted the musical quality of the written text and the descriptive possibilities of the music. Successfully presented in various festivals and concerts such as Notti di Luce, Vicenza New Conversations, Atelier del XX Secolo in Milan, the project was released on CD with excellent reviews by Italian and international critics.

In 2019, at the invitation of the review of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, he proposes for the next season a new project inspired by Italo Calvino’s period of combinatorial literature with reference to the Castello dei Destini Incrociati of 1973 of which some short stories are read by the actor Oreste Castagna among the different musical performances.


As in the Le città Invisibili, Calvino has structured the book into various fantastic tales, each of which has as its starting point a fifteenth-century tarot card by Bonifacio Bembo preserved at the Carrara Academy in Bergamo and at the Morgan Library in New York. All the stories are linked to each other by the same cards already laid on the table and intertwine, narrating completely distant events, places and stories. The peculiarity is that, when a story is told, and interpreted in a completely individual way by each of the protagonists; it is possible to divert from a narrative path to follow new ways and new strands. It is also possible to read the same story in reverse, starting from the final tarot, telling a completely different story: this is what Orlando, also a customer, seems to say when, hanging by his feet, he exclaims: “Leave me like this. I went all the way around and got it. The world reads backwards. Everything is clear”.

Claudio Angeleri explain his new show

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